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Mineral Colourizers
Top Oil
Fixativ Mineral Primer
Solimim Mineral Paint White
Solimim Mineral Quarz Plaster White
Wash and Care Cleaner
Professional Interior Topcoat
Hardwax Oil (Clear/White/Matt)
Liquid Wax Cleaner (Clear/White)
Color Oil Opaque
Hardwax Oil VOC Free
Hard Wood Paint
Color Oil VOC Free
Color Oil Opaque

- Silky matt, dirt and water repellent coloroil with good coverage
- Limited scratch resistance and adheres well to all wooden surfaces

DIY home furniture, Wood furniture, wood flooring, interior absorbent wood and cork floors, as well as Sterling OSB boards

VOC Test Result:
EU regulation (Cat. A/i): 500 g/l (2010), 9112 contains max. 460 g/L

Drying: Dry to the touch after 4-6 hours, can be sanded and coated again after 16-24 hours (20°C/50-55% rel. humidity). The coat is completely dry after 7 days.

Spreading rate per coat: 70-100 ml/m² or 10-14 m²/l, but depending on absorbent properties of the substrate

Tool: Apply with brush or roller

Cleaning tools: Clean brushes with Biofa thinner No. 0500

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