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Mineral Colourizers
Top Oil
Fixativ Mineral Primer
Solimim Mineral Paint White
Solimim Mineral Quarz Plaster White
Wash and Care Cleaner
Professional Interior Topcoat
Hardwax Oil (Clear/White/Matt)
Liquid Wax Cleaner (Clear/White)
Color Oil Opaque
Hardwax Oil VOC Free
Hard Wood Paint
Color Oil VOC Free
Wash and Care Cleaner

- Skin friendly and biodegradable
- Free of chemical preservatives, chlorine, ammonium chloride and phosphate

Oiled or waxed wood floor, door, wood surface etc

VOC Test Result:
VOC test: US EPA Method 24.
Result (Hong Kong): 983 g/L

Spreading rate per coat: Add 1/2 cap (10-15 g) to approx. 10 litres of water. In case of extreme soiling, use pure universal cleaner on stains. Do not apply too much cleaner because this may lead to streak formation.

Tool: Apply with brush or roller

Cleaning tools: Clean brushes in water

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