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Q: Why should we use Biofa products?

A: Biofa using natural raw materials to produce their product which makes sure that the products won’t harm human being and our earth.

Q: Where should we apply Biofa products?

A: Biofa products mainly use in hospitals, kindergartens, Kitchen wood products, and children wood toys etc.

Q: How to apply Biofa products?


(1) Shake before use

(2) Sanding until the wood surface is fine

(3) Use clothes to wipe the wood. If spray, use 2mm or above of spray gun hole.

            (4) 20-30 mins after apply Biofa products, use clean clothes to wipe the wood again

            (5) sands it until fine after one night

            (6) use clothes to wipe the wood again (the drying time is approximately 24 hours)

Q: After painting, how should we disposal the used clothes and sponge

A: Please do not disposal the used clothes and sponges into the rublish bin directly. They should be soaped in the water & the discard after completedly dry.

Q: How to store the Biofa natural paints after using?

A: Please store the Biofa natural paint in the original can with the lid firmly closed. It should be kept in the cool and dry area.